About Siddha Kundalini Healings
Ancient Lineage, Modern Healings 
Siddha Kundalini Healings are a non-contact form of energy channeling which taps into the ancient Indian Siddha tradition of healers and spiritualists. Using alchemical preparations, a crystal mandala, sacred geometrical layouts and various psychic constructs, a Siddha Kundalini Healing shifts the clients energetic constitution to remove blockages, open channels, and relieve the being from physical, mental, and emotional duress.

The treatment affects the individual on a deep energetic level, bringing with it a sense of profound peace, wellness, and is often accompanied by transformative realizations into the nature of an individuals suffering.
A client is asked to bring warm clothes, a notebook, and to (prior to the healing) reflect on which themes they would like to address. 

An individual session begins with a short explanation of the process by the healer and then the client has time to open up their personal situation and their wishes for the session. Using sacred geometrical symbols and crystal formations, the healer then creates and activates an assembled mandala to hold the energy and create resonance with the client.

With the client lying down and the healer sitting off to the side, the healing session itself takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour as the healer goes through the various energetic levels of the patient, adding, shifting and arranging energies, removing blockages and malicious entities, and correcting imbalances should there be any.

A post session sharing follows as the healer and client exchange their experiences of the healing, creating a holistic picture of the healing that took place. Questions and advice can be exchanged at this time. 

The entire session lasts approximately 90 minutes.
As the healing takes place in a deep meditative space, clients are encouraged to have a moderate window of scheduled "free time" proceeding the healing for transition and integration. 

Special group healing events, which can be found on the Events page, are also possible to attend and can be created upon request.

For a group healing, a special larger manadala is built to hold the energy of the room, and participants lie throughout the space to receive the energy healing. 

 Many physical, mental, and emotional shift are reported to occur during these group sessions, bringing the participants a deeper sense of peace and wellbeing which remains for days afterwards.

Unlike individual healings, group healings do not afford an opportunity for the healer to give direct individual feedback and guidance to the participants. For acute or specific healing requests, individual private healing session are recommended.